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Yeah, so. I recently ordered some yarn from Scout (www.scoutj.com). That was May 5. She mailed it on May 6th (a Saturday), we had the confirmation # from the online Click-N-Ship dealie. She's in NM, and you figure with Priority, it ought to take 2 days, tops. HA! May 9th, no pkg. 10th, no pkg. This continues for quite a while, and I think the package was delivered on May 24th. I still didn't see it for a couple of days - our mailbox is a door slot, and they just leave packages on the front porch. It's not visible from the street, so they're safe there, but we get in and out of the house through the garage, and if I don't know to expect something, I rarely open the front door. Still...2.5 weeks? From New Mexico to California? Dude.

I mean, I get that they deliver millions of pieces of mail every day, so some are bound to get lost or whatever...but why did we bother to pay for Priority again? Hmph.


That's just awful!!!!! I don't understand why they wouldn't help you track it. I feel bad because I know how much thought and work went into it. Hopefully it will turn up soon.


Oh no, that's terrible news. Thank goodness your Bean made you feel better :)


Oh no! =(
I hope that it gets to it's destination soon.You're Bean is a sweety pie!

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