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Hi! I just found your blog and thought I'd say hi - I just about laughed my a@#$ off reading this post - before I even read all the way through, I was excitedly clicking away on that Rowan link for #38 - went through the whole Rowan site and then even searched the Rowanette message boards - THEN come back to your post to figure out how come you are so special you could get access to #38 when I couldn't even find a mention of it - and then finally read PAST the link to Rowan to find out you were just as frustrated as me! Too funny - and, I agree!! VERY frustrating!!!

Love your blog!


I went to the plassard yarns web page to find out about getting their book #42 with the cassandre pattern (it's on pg. 103 of the Fall Interweave) and the exact same thing happened. The don't even have pattern book #42 on their web site. Oh, and the web address was even wrong in the ad. Soooooooo annoying!!

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