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Interesting....I jsut popped over to the lion brand site and as I was poking around the pattern, I found this:

Lion Brand would like to recognize the woman who hand-crocheted the now-famous poncho for Martha Stewart for her return home. The New York Post reported that her name was Xiomaro Hernandez. We honor her creativity and the wonderful inspiration she has provided for everyone who is now encouraged to crochet. Lion Brand will make a donation of yarn and needles to the Alderson prison facility in honor of her work and her generosity.

wow. cheap yarn, how generous ;) hee. I guess, considering how it's a free pattern, it's a nice gesture.


Lily shin was asked to make on for interweave its coming out on Monday. It looks the closest to the actual martha poncho. I think the craze it is a bit rediculous but I have to agree with Lily that if it gets the name of yarn out there ride it for all its worth. This has brought mega coverage to crochet and the crochet crowd should ride it and ride it hard. I mean really. I think all the ponchos are funny. It will all fade out soon. the inmate was finally named. Man what a life. I wouldn't mind being able to croachet for 12 hours a day and not have any other obligations. hehe
may be there will be a new spurt of knitters and crocheters who comit crimes so they can just sit around and knit and crochet all day. haha


Excellent point!


I know what you mean. At least Royal yarns is donating 5% of the proceeds from their version of the Martha Poncho to the institution the woman is at, in the form of yarn - so she will hopefully see something nice out of it. I don't know what to make of all the hub bub - it's a nice poncho, but people are nuts if that is all they can focus on about this whole thing.

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